Monday, December 13, 2010

Greeting from Baske country in the Pyrennes of north Spain. Sunday we trotted across Spain with quite a few stops for the travelers Trots. No problem in Morocco but Spain look out! At least spain has normal commodes unlike moroccos One Hole Bombers. Today we spent in the pyrenes
On some goat paths thru the high
Sierria in our 1200cc SEAT Goatmobile Good power once you get it reved up. Tomorrow we drop the goatcar and RXR to france to pick up another Rollerscate.
Vin et Pan for dinner.
Been gone for nearly two weeks with 2 shirts and 2 pairs of jeans with no laundry. Should be about ready for the French!!! Peppi la Pew!!

Bob from the high Baske Country

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  1. Bob;

    If you had two shirts and two pairs of pants you'd be wearing the whole works and you'd still be fixin' to freeze to death here in middle TN ! 23 degrees is a perfectly acceptable high temperature in December in Ontario but it sucks rocks here in Dixieland.

    Melissa and I have been following along every day. We now live vicariously through you, so please don't let us down. :-)